The company

Cook-tops manufactured by specialists

Long-standing experience in the built-in appliance industry and extensive know-how in the manufacturing of hobs form the foundation of TermaCook GmbH.

Their passion for hobs led the former executives from the kitchen industry to found TermaCook GmbH on 05 November 2012. Since then the company manufactures custom-made HiLight and induction cook-tops as well as its own assortment of products.

As a specialist manufacturer of hobs, the bar for product quality is set extremely high. This is the reason why the hobs are not only made in Germany, but also why premium-quality components are used exclusively. It goes without saying that TermaCook hobs meet the requirements of the Product Safety Act and come with CE, GS and VDE certification.

We as a family company support constructive and respectful collaboration. Our actions are guided by respect and esteem for people and the environment. Combining our strengths and acting in concert leads to success.

We see ourselves as a cook-top manufacturer with extremely high product quality standards. Not only is our production situated exclusively in Germany, we also use components manufactured in Germany almost exclusively for this reason. Entirely “Made in Germany” –  in other words, with a love for details.

Our customers are the focal point of our actions, with development and production dedicated to their success, offering them the greatest possible flexibility and support.

Development in Germany

Short communication channels, local expertise – research and design go hand in hand with production. It is therefore only natural for us that our developers and designers are on site in Dillenburg. This is essential in order to ensure that all cook-tops can be realised precisely in production later on, under the watchful eyes of the developer in charge of the product.

Custom solutions for our customers – individual and accessible. If you value know-how, outstanding service and quality craftsmanship, then TermaCook is right for you.

A love for details – from development to outgoing goods inspection – guarantees you exactly the high-quality product you expect for your product range. In addition to tailor-made solutions that are professionally realised in a timely manner following the joint conceptual design phase, TermaCook also offers a small line of series products for rapid availability.

Production in Germany

We deliberately decided on production in Germany. Our high quality products are fabricated in Dillenburg, where work is performed at the highest level with modern technology, traditional craftsmanship and many years of experience.

Competent and reliable German workmanship ensures high product quality, safety and sustainable products.

Renouncing the use of substances that could have a negative impact on people and the environment creates ecologically unobjectionable products. Jobs and earnings are created and retained in Germany. Naturally we have also committed to complying with the provisions of the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI). Ethical and fair trade means what we and our suppliers take responsibility for improving the work conditions of the people who manufacture the products.

Quality control

The highest product quality can only be achieved through ongoing internal as well as external quality control.

Today the highest quality also means keeping up with the times, implementing increasingly strict quality standards of customers and the requirements of international standards in the products, and thereby taking the state of the art into account. We not only use modern technologies, tools and equipment to accomplish this, but also corresponding production management and quality management along with regular training for our employees.

Effective quality inspections are an essential element of every production process. Product quality is checked in all phases of production, and of course also in advance during the careful selection of materials by the buyers, product management, the employees in production, and in the course of ongoing external monitoring by international certification bodies. Our cook-tops are inspected twice before they are packaged after a final visual inspection.

Various tests and control measurements related to the cook-top are conducted in our in-house test laboratory. Meeting the highest quality standards is guaranteed through continuous inspection of all materials used and parts from ongoing production as well as the finished products themselves.